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Alex Yasko, Accordion player
Alex Yasko, better known to his internet friends as "Kombrig", has a penchant for arranging music for accordion that is not typically thought of as "accordion music." You can find a large number of his arrangements in the Accordion section of the Notation Software Users Forum. He has arranged pieces ranging from more traditional polka music to the Beatles, but all with a very full sound, not just the melody line. Kombrig hails from the former Soviet Union, but has spent his last 12 years in San Francisco, California, USA.

" For those who may be interested in my previous history, you can read it at my site at SoundClick. ...and, by the way, you are welcome to download some of my arrangements and compositions from this page!

My real story begins in about 18 months ago. I downloaded a trial version of Notation Composer and after using this for a month I bought it. And I have no regrets about it... That's exactly what a musician-performer needs!

I have a classical and folk music background. Actually, I've got master degree in music. Also I have deep knowledge in music theory, arrangement and composition.

However, I played jazz, pop and rock music all my life in some small bands. I've been leader of those bands and I can play on any instrument: piano, variety of keyboards, guitar, bass, and drums. It helped me to invent some unknown techniques and manners of playing on an accordion.

I think I have to describe my musical instruments, which I'm using in my recordings.
1. Bayan (Russian type of the button chromatic accordion. I use two of them.)
2. Acoustic Guitar (steel and nylon strings)
3. Vocal (I'm singing all the voices you can hear)
4. Drum effect (small tambourine and my right heel, striking on an accordion case)

All my life I dreamed to have a band which completely understands what I wanted to hear from their playing. Now, MY DREAM HAS COME TRUE!!! Thanks to Composer, I can put in to the midi-file any accompaniment I need and it'll never let me down!

I've started to perform music with the mp3's created by myself from midi, 13 months ago and my life changed dramatically FOR GOOD. My listeners like it a lot. So, they pay for the entertainment more generously and are buying more CD's.

If you wanna watch all my clips, print in a search of youtube.com 'Kombrig1941'. I apologize, though, for the low quality of my videos. It was filmed with a nonprofessional camcorder and by an amateur filmmaker...

Good luck.