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Bonnie Woodruff, Piano teacher and performer
From the cold of Alaska to the steam of Florida, Bonnie has been teaching and playing her way through life. Here's her story so far.

Bonnie is a world-class Sacred Concert artist and high-tech piano teacher of 48 years. She has authored 17 piano books which are available on her web site, Bon-Wood Ministries.

Bonnie has taught for years, and at one point was on the phone interviewing a young man who wanted to play the piano. She told him about studying with a great concert artist from Europe, and that it was "like studying with Chopin."

The next time she talked with the boy's Mother to set up their piano lesson schedule, the Mother told her the following. "When my son got off the phone with you, he said to me, "Mom did you know that this piano teacher studied with Chopin? She studied with him for 6 years and he died, so how old is this piano teacher?"

At 68 Bonnie was planning to retire from teaching - no more web sites and no more performances. However, the demand for her concerts and teaching has convinced her to continue performing sacred concerts and workshops and she has recently done a cross-country tour of about 2500 miles across the USA.

Bonnie has set up a piano study method called "Bon's Way Fastrak Piano Long Distance Educational Self-Study' System." It is based on the methods of the old European masters, and is designed to be a self-study course, with assistance from Bonnie periodically. Part of her study system includes her research into "God's Creative Design On The Piano," which is incorporated in her Starter Set of 8 Books for piano. She is planning to do Long Distance Piano lessons for Universities as well as teaching music in group settings locally for her church.

When Bonnie does concerts, she has all the children who are interested in studying piano come to the platform and watch her perform. To really get them enthused about playing piano, she uses some of them as she performs.

Bonnie was able to meet some of her long-distance students face-to-face at her concerts this summer, and talk with some of her Bon's Way Teacher's Students too. This gave her so much joy!

Bonnie uses her Digital Keyboard with PC and Notation Composer to make arrangements for piano. She likes the faithful transcriptions of the notation "which print out perfectly, just like I play them."