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Grace Knafel, Keyboard player
Grace has long played piano by ear "from the heart." However, she never learned to read music. When folks started requesting sheet music of her songs, she found some friends to help her out. Here is Gracie's story.

I purchased an electronic keyboard and felt led to record some songs I had learned at church some years ago. I could not read music at the time, and I needed a software application that would notate the notes as I played them. After surfing the web, I found MidiNotate Composer (now Notation Composer). The Users Forum is so 'user friendly', and I got a lot of good help just by reading the forum chats. I'm very thankful to forum member Clyde McLennan, who helped me get off to a great start making music. With the help of my sisters and Clyde, I was able to launch my own website www.gracesongs.net and feature many of the songs that I wrote and learned to play 'by heart'. I really feel like it all was an answer to prayer. Please feel free to visit the site, and don't ever let not being able to read music keep you from enjoying your musical gift. I still struggle with reading music, but I love to play from my heart.