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Ken Briscoe, Music therapy
For Ken and "The Sheddies", making music together is a self-administered prescription for feeling great. Here is a bit about Ken and his work with the Music Therapy program at the local resource centre.

I am retired and a full-time care-giver for my wife (she suffers from Parkinson's disease). She has just recently joined a music therapy group and is attempting to learn and play the Bongos (the vast majority of members are also disabled in one form or another) at our local resource centre. They have "volunteered" me to help them with their music and group.

Because we are sent to practice in a sort of outside shed/summerhouse within the confines of the resource centre we have named ourselves 'THE SHEDDIES.' Not very original, but appropriate!

This music therapy is really helping all our participants and encouraging them to be more confident and happy.

Notation Composer is helping me (and of course the group) to produce separate instrument staves to assist them in learning to play their instruments and do key changes. As I have little or no knowledge of music (I only started learning to read music three months ago), it is also helping me to learn.

It's great to see our group members really enjoying themselves and being given a chance to look forward to participating in something which gives them pleasure. Our biggest challenge once we have obtained sheet music is to tranpose the score into a key that suits everybody. That's one reason your programs are, and will continue to be, useful to us.

We stay busy practicing and everyone enjoys playing in the group.

The Sheddies take practice outdoors, enjoying a rare bit of sunshine in bonny Scotland.