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Mark Purintun, Harmonica player
Mark has played harmonica for years, and has put together a fun and informative website called "Harpin' an' a Whinin' " You'll find lots of tunes and useful information about harps (harmonicas) and playing them there. Here's Mark's story.

I don't make a living with the harmonica (I have a "day" gig as a Controller for a manufacturing company). I use Notation Musician to tab out MIDI files for my website and I've been using this software for about 8 years now [formerly MidiNotate].

My website is for harmonica users that can't read music sheets and I "tab" out the music for the visitors so they can play it on their harmonica. I tell people which harmonica to use if they play along with the MIDI because the software tells me which key to use and I supply this information to the visitor. I can "swap out" the melody line of any MIDI file by inserting my own preferred instrument - harmonica! I can also change the tempo and save the revised MIDI to a .mid file for the visitor to play. Sometimes I rachet up the volume for the harmonica part so it's easier for the visitor to "hear" the harmonica instrument. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.