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Neil Ryder, Tuned Percussion
Neil is the founder of the exciting program Boomaring, which was born out of his desire to have the fun of music-making accessible to folks of all ages and abilities. Here is Neil's story.

Notation Composer allows me to teach children from 4 years to adult to read music and perform as a group. The software allows us to play backing tracks that we can edit, but the best feature we have found is the Easy Notes option. This feature allows the music to be accessed by anybody - young, old, even those with special needs. If the participants can read the letters from A to G, they are able to play the melody line to the song.

We use group tuned percussion instruments such as Boomwhackers (below, left), Tuned bells (below, right) and Angklungs (at bottom - an Indonesian instrument) to enable our music to be used from 4 to 40+ people.

After doing several events and getting positive feedback, I set up Boomaring music to share this with other schools in the UK and any other groups who were interested.

Once a group has the Notation Composer software, they can access songs for their Boomaring band from our website where new songs are added as I make them to use for my Boomaring band.

If you would like to see what it looks like, there are videos of the Boomaring band with some 8 and 9 year olds.

Music should always be this much fun!