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Reinhold Hoffmann, Guitar player
Reinhold obtained no education in music. He learned guitar on his own. In the early 70s he founded with friends his first band Blues Machine. Later in his college days he played guitar in the band Albatros, and more importantly learned how to arrange music and get a specific feel or sound across. In the mid 80s he dropped out of music when he left the university.
20 years later during his job in the U.S. he inevitably got in touch with Rock, Blues, Country and other guitar music, stepped in to music again, and brought his experiences back home to Germany. During his time in the US he found Notation Software's Midinotate product which helped him a lot getting back to music.

And today, he runs the business of Notation Software. Isn't this a fun story?..

"Before I moved to the US, a friend of mine who worked there before told me that he bought some music instruments while he was there. This brought me to the idea that I should do the same. Which I did. This was really an experience to see how folks in the US play guitar today compared to my student time when I tried to learn guitar on my own."

"Getting back to playing the guitar after a break of 20 years is not really easy, I can tell you. The books today are excellent compared to the mid-70's. I bought some and started with Blues, then gravitated more to the Rock side. At the beginning it was really fun but over time it was getting boring just sitting there and exercising from a book. Joining a band wasn't really an option because I was on business trips frequently. So, I came to the conclusion that I needed an alternative to a band that at least I could practise from home.

After some searching I found some very good websites which offered backing files to play along. However, sometimes the pitch did not fit nor the songs I looked for weren't posted as mp3. Almost all songs were available as MIDI files. Some further browsing brought me to the website of Notation Software where I found what I needed to create my own backing files without the lead melody, including the chords.
Back home in Germany I founded with some friends the band Waterwave. We make great music from the 60's and 70's and have a lot of fun. Of course, we use Composer to arrange it all."

In 2012 when Notation Software, Inc. was looking to transition the business, Reinhold and the president of Notation Software, Inc. touched base and found a model which combines Reinhold's 30 years of experience in the software business, his music hobby, and the business direction of Notation Software, to extend the business to international markets. In a transition period the business has been newly focussed, and since August 2013 Reinhold has been running Notation Software from a legal entity in Germany.