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Ron Chandler, Music pastor
As a senior pastor of a small church, Ron uses not only his formal theological training but also his love of music to mentor the next generation in using their own musical gifts. Here is Ron's story.

Tim (our youth pastor) has established a training program for Junior High students in our church who would like to develop their musical skills with a view to becoming worship leaders. One of his students is a cellist. I use Notation Composer to modify MIDI files that I find on the web. Using Composer, I transpose the melody line and put it in the bass clef, then print out this part for the student. Tim wants to find or write harmony parts as the musicians become more developed in their skills. Composer is a great tool for that purpose.

I've also used Composer to help a friend who is a Suzuki method violin teacher. One of the tools provided in the Suzuki program is a disk with MIDI files so the students can play along with a piano performance. My friend, the teacher, wanted to know if I could modify the MIDI files. As a matter of fact, I can. Her main problem is that the songs were too fast. The second problem is that some of the songs did not include the melody part in the MIDI file. I edited the MIDI file in Composer, adding the melody where needed, and splitting the tracks so that the melody was on the right and the piano on the left. That way the student could adjust the volume balance by panning the stereo the get the amount of support they needed as they learned the song. I also set the tempo per the teacher's request. Burning those edited tracks to CD gave her a customized tool that her students loved.