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Old 11-01-2015, 10:52 PM
rrayner rrayner is offline
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Default Quick Collapse Multiple Rests Problem

In "Ruffo's Lament" in Share Your Music, I have a problem printing some of the parts, particularly the piano and guitar parts. I have attached the piano part (I have deleted the other staves just to reduce the size of the sample) to give an example.

The piano is tacit in the beginning and end, with no notes to play -- only chord symbols and Free Text. I would like to use the collapse multiple rests feature (qcmr) to compress the space where I truly want no piano. I want the measures where I have chord symbols and text slashes to remain uncompressed. When I use the qcmr command, Rehearsal Marks E through N turn to garbage, at least as far as visualization is concerned.

If the qcmr command would accept a Region restriction, i.e., make the beginning tacit measures a region and compress the measures, and the same with N9 to the end, then that would do the trick. I tried making the beginning section a Region, but no dice -- qcmr does the entire score, regardless.

Another request could be, "don't compress measures of rest that contain Free Text", i.e., the slashes in E through N.

Of course, if there were a notehead that was a slash that covered most of the staff, top-to-bottom, like mine do, then several formatting problems could be solved.

Any suggestions on a way to get the piano part printed with the tacit measures compressed?

Ralph Rayner
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