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Old 06-10-2006, 03:25 AM
Mark Walsen (markwa)
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Default Hello, Composer 2.0 Beta Re


Composer 2.0 Beta Release version 1.9.4 is now available at

PLEASE NOTE: No patches are available for updating from version 1.9.1, 1.9.2 or 1.9.3 to version 1.9.4. Make sure that you exit MidiNotate Composer before installing the new beta release version on top of the old. If you choose to uninstall the prior beta release, don't worry, your song files won't be deleted.

Here is what's new in the beta release version 1.9.4:

New playlist (juke box) feature. You can create any number of playlists, each which contains multiple songs that will play in sequence. This is obviously useful and fun for sitting back and listening to music you have collected, arranged, or composed-- both Notation .NOT files and MIDI files. This is also useful for creating workspaces of multiple .NOT files, such as multiple pieces in a music suite, multiple songs in a musical, or movements in a classical form of music. You can open songs from a playlist, just as though the playlist were a Windows directory. You can load multiple songs, or all songs, from a Windows directory into a playlist. You can change the order of songs in a playlist, even as it is playing.

<blockquote>If you have feedback on this new playlist feature, please report it in a new Playlist subsection of this MidiNotate 2.0 Beta Release section of the forum.</blockquote>

MIDI palettes. The Note Performance palette has been divided into two palettes: Piano Roll and Velocity (note loudness). There are now four MIDI palettes: (1) Piano Roll, (2) Velocity, (3) Instrument Sound, and (4) MIDI Graphs (such as for tempo, volume, and controllers). Each of these four MIDI palettes now have a Show/Hide button, which looks like a pair of glasses; when the button is turned off, the type of data will not be displayed after you leave the palette, but will still remain displayed whenever you are using the palette (tool).

Piano roll. (Fix) When you edit the attack and/or duration of notes, this might affect (1) the notation of the note, (2) the actual performance of the note, or (3) both. There are many cases which determine which of these three things happen, including: (a) whether you are using the Piano Roll tool (palette) and which of the three corresponding as-notated/as-performed/both buttons is down; (b) whether the performance of notes is globally locked, globally unlocked, or neither; and (3) whether the performance of the specific notes are individually locked or unlocked. A few of these combination of cases did not behave correctly.

Range selection. (Fix) Version 1.9.3 introduced automatic selection and blue highlighting of notes, lyrics, etc. when you select a range using Ctrl+Drag. This did not work, however, if you used Shift+Ctrl+Drag to extend the selection over multiple pages.

Object selection. (Fix) When a newly selected object is of a different type than the previously selected object, the newly selected object only appeared to be selected (highlighted in blue), but if you tried to do something, such as delete it, nothing happened, because it really wasn't selected.

Grace notes. The Grace Note Palette has been redesigned to make the distinction between the two types of grace notes that borrow time from the left or right, and to make separate the option to add a slur from the grace note to the note on its right.

Page scroller. (Fix) If you used the page scroller at the bottom of the window, then keyboard commands such as Space (to start playback) did not work.

Playback. (Fix) Playback aborted if you attempted to switch to page layout view.

Song tab. The orientation of the vertical song tab was changed 180 degrees for easier sideways reading.

Recording. (Fix) At the end of recording, the echoed sound from your MIDI keyboard incorrectly changed back to MIDI program #1 (Grand Piano).

Beams. (Fix) If 4+4:8 beaming were used in a 4:4 meter, then a dotted half note was incorrectly engraved as a half note tied to a quarter note.

-- Mark
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