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Old 04-27-2009, 08:04 PM
Sherry Crann (sherry)
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Default Howdy George, Aaahh.... I t

Howdy George,

Aaahh.... I think I now understand the usability issue here. Sorry for being so slow on this one....

Composer "remembers" the button states of each Part, rather than applying the Conductor's score button state to all Parts. I think that is the main issue.

The Violin part had the "Solo" button on, but the Conductor's Part had the Violin "Mute" button on. Thus my recommendation to just click off the "Solo" button. But doing that, while it does mute the violin you can still hear the Viola. (What the heck is a viola doing in this piece anyway? ;) just kidding....)

The single staff Part (eg. Violin) using just the Staff Control buttons allows for three states:
1. The entire band (including violin)
2. Solo (just violin)
3. Band minus violin.

For most instrumentalists, a file will only have one staff with their part that needs to be muted. That can easily be accomplished with the current button setup and "button memory" setting, per the above listed "states". However, in the case of the Swallow Tail Jig file above, there are _two staves_ (single-staff parts) that have the melody, and you needed both muted while viewing a single part. The button settings while viewing just the Violin Part doesn't allow for that. If you Define a Part for Violin+Viola, you could do it using the Staff Control Buttons.

So yes, to mute more than one staff at a time while viewing a single-staff part, you'll need to use the Staff/Setup assignments because Composer doesn't apply the button settings from one Part to the other Parts. It "remembers" the different button settings of each Part separately.

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