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Old 02-11-2014, 08:24 PM
rrayner rrayner is offline
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Default Repeat Measure Symbol

As I was writing for my own purposes, i.e., notating in Composer and listening to/playing along with on my Clavinova, it didn't matter to me what the drum part looked like, as long as it sounded right on my Clavinova.

Currently, I have an opportunity to write for live musicians, and the GM drum notation is at times very awkward to look at, much less decipher it at tempo. I have culled standard drum notation concepts and made my own template for "live drummers". I can now have a "real" drum staff, which contains all the proper GM notes, and a "print" drum staff, which will look good for the drummer.

The one thing that is lacking, to my way of thinking, is a symbol to indicate that this measure is a duplicate of the previous measure.

The first image below, Drum Part.jpg is a snapshot of an outrageously simple drum part from my playing days. However, measures 2-4 show the symbol that is on my wish list.

The second image below, Drum Part2.jpg is a snapshot of a Notation score that I am currently working on. All four measures are the same (except for the stem direction, which is of no consequence for my plea). I would love to be able to put the symbol from the first example into measures 2-4 of the second example.

And while I am wishing -- if this symbol were implemented in a future release, it would be nice to have the kind of trick that Mark built into collapsing measures containing rests, i.e., show the requested repeat symbol with a number over the measures indicating how many duplicate rhythm measures there are in this section. For example, in an eight-measure section, the first measure is the rhythm pattern, and measures 2 through 8 are covered by one measure with the repeat symbol in it and the number 7 over it, indicating play the previous measure 7 times.

Sounds pretty complicated to work into the code, but I can hope.

Ralph Rayner
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