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Old 06-04-2007, 08:21 PM
Mark Walsen (markwa)
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Default Hello Notation Composer and Mu

Hello Notation Composer and Musician Users,

Notation Composer and Musician version 2.1.2 is now available. You can update to it using the Software Updates command the the Help menu of Composer or Musician. You are encouraged to update to this version.

Please note: If you are currently using version 2.1 of Notation Composer or Musician, and you previously updated to it using a patch from 2.0, 2.0.1 ... or 2.0.4, then the Help menu's Sofware Update will fail with this error message: "Could not start the automatic update (2)". In that case, it will be necessary for you to redownload and install a complete new purchased copy of Composer or Musician, following the instructions at

Here is a summary of the bug fixes in this version 2.1.2 maintenance release:
  • "Visual C++ Library runtime error" message. Fix bug. On some some systems, the Notation Composer reported this error message and aborted upon initial, or sometimes reported later during the session. This was related to unnecessary, frequent rewriting of the MidiDev.cfg file.
  • Performance. Fix bug: When Notation Composer was supposed to be inactive, it sometimes showed disk activity due to its unnecessarily rewriting the MidiDev.cfg (MIDI device configuration) file.
  • General user interface. Fix bug: A vertical scrollbar was unnecessarily displayed for a score displayed in Window View.
  • Page layout. Fix bugs: The Fixed Number of Bars Per Line option did not work. The Page Break option did not work. The Page Layout command in the Format menu was incorrectly disabled.
  • Online help. Fix bug: Options in the Help menu incorrectly invoked the Internet browser to display the online documentation, even when it was available in the help (.chm) file on your computer.
  • Practice feature. The minimum practice speed has been reduced from 25% of normal speed to 10%.
  • Slurs. Fix bugs: Slurs sometimes were incorrectly deleted when the Delete Measure command was used in other measures. In a region copy/paste operation, slurs from one measure past the end of the 'from' measures were incorrectly pasted to one measure past the end of the 'to' measures.

-- Mark
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