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Chord Charts

Get guitar chord charts fast from MIDI and Karaoke files!

With Notation Musician it's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Use the "Search for MIDI files..." command to find and open the song you want. Literally tens of thousands of MIDI and Karaoke files are available on the internet!
  2. Use the Part Wizard to select the options you want for your chart.
  3. View, edit, and print out your chart!

Notation Musician makes it easy and quick to find your favorite songs and convert them to chord charts for printing, or for practice with "the band"

  • The "Part Wizard" helps you create your chord chart just the way you want it.
  • Determines and displays guitar chord names by analyzing harmonies in a song.
  • Automatically finds music lyrics tracks and melody tracks, and merges them to create your chord chart. You can also add lyrics if the file has none.


Now you have a chord chart that you can print out to take with you, and the file that you can play in Notation Musician as you play along with the band!

Create and edit sheet music with your keyboard, mouse, or MIDI instrument.
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Convert MIDI files into sheet music you can see, hear, and play along with.
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