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See notation musician in action

Watch a short video or test drive musician by downloading the FREE trial.
For more videos, see the notation musician overview.

  • musician makes it easy to download any of hundreds of thousands of MIDI files on the Internet and convert them to high quality sheet music.
  • Add lyrics to any song.
  • View and play parts for any instrument in the score.
  • Create Fake sheets, piano reductions, chord charts, and other specialty parts using the unique Part Wizard.
  • Practice your song while musician provides the accompaniment.
  • Watching the notes highlight as the music plays is a natural way to make the connection between what you see and what you hear.
  • See the note names inside the noteheads to learn their placement on the staff.
  • Slow down the tempo to make sense of the rhythms.
  • Use the beat bar to see the beat during playback and use the metronome to hear the beat as well.
  • Mute or solo any instrument, so you can focus on the part that you want to learn.
  • See how the lyrics link to the notes and pitches, plus add your own lyrics.

Download a 30-Day Trial for FREE!

notation musician runs on Windows XP+ and Mac OS 10.9+

for Mac the free software of Wine is required. Please see details here,
for Ubuntu see here,
for openSUSE see here.