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Getting chord names for auto-accompaniment software

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If you use any kind of auto-accompaniment software where you have to enter the chord names for a song, you know that getting the chords of a song can be very difficult unless you happen to already have the sheet music for the song. Notation Musician provides this feature at an inexpensive price! If you can find a MIDI file on the Internet for your song (you usually can) then you can use Notation Musician to automatically analyze the chord names for the song.

Musician can accurately analyze harmonies in a MIDI score to determine chord names and display them above the top staff, as illustrated below:


Different styles of music tend to use different kinds of guitar chords or piano chords. Choose from Country, Jazz, Hymn, Easy, and many other types, or create your own style.

When Musician analyzes the song for chords, you can specify which types of chords will be detected, in a dialog box.

You select which staves (tracks) to use in the chord analysis, and let Musician do the work!

Musician displays the chord names in your MIDI file song. It does the work of analyzing the chord names and placement for you! In any transposition of the song into another key the detected chord names will be transposited too, of course.

The setting of style and the different types of chords can be set-up with this very comfortable dialog box:



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