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Make Your Own Custom Karaoke Files!

You can take any MIDI music file (and there are hundreds of thousands on the internet) and make your own karaoke accompaniment files - for free!

Use Notation Musician to find the songs you want to perform, download the MIDI, and open it up. Musician transcribes the MIDI into excellent music notation for you. Then, simply use the "Part preparation wizard" to quickly prepare a "Sing along" part, and let Musician provide the accompaniment while you sing along. Watch the lyrics and the notes highlight as the music plays and never lose your place.


How to get a karaoke file for practically any song you can think of.

  1. Find the song you want - Use your favorite browser or Musician's built-in Internet browser to search for a MIDI file for the music you want (just use the song name plus ".kar")..
  2. Open the file - When you click the name of a MIDI file on a web page, Musician automatically downloads it, and quickly converts the MIDI file into music notation displayed on the screen.

  3. Use the Part Preparation wizard and select "Sing along". Just follow the quick and easy steps to get a karaoke part with melody notes!

  4. Musician accurately aligns lyrics with the melody part. You can print or view the lyrics in a larger size for easy sight-reading.

  5. Easily add lyrics to MIDI files that don't already have them using Musician's intuitive lyric entry tools.
  6. Use Musician to play the files at your next Karaoke event, and control the size of the display, the tempo, the key (to fit your vocal range) and other performance aspects. Or export the files as .kar for use in other players.


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