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Converting MIDI Files to Sheet Music

What is the best music software for converting MIDI files to sheet music notation?

Notation Composer and Musician convert MIDI files to sheet music better than any other music software. Really.

Ths is the honest truth. Notation Software has offered the most accurate conversion of MIDI to sheet music since 1999, when it released the original MidiNotate program, replaced in 2004 with Notation Musician and Notation Composer.

Excellent conversion of MIDI files to sheet music notation is at the foundation of Notation Composer and Musician's ease of use. Because this software does such an excellent job of transcribing MIDI files to sheet music, you can focus your effort on writing and arranging music. You will spend very little time formatting the music sheets and correcting transcription mistakes that are typically made by other music software programs.

The accuracy of this transcription is better than that of the even the most expensive music notation programs as well as any other music software programs. Also, the layout of the transcribed sheet music is more pleasing to the eye, as it is done according to music engraving rules that have evolved over the last two centuries.

Some of the areas where Notation Composer and Musician's transcription of MIDI files to sheet music notation are:

  • Compact notation, with minimum amount of white space, within the bounds of music engraving rules for distributing horizonal spacing horizontally according to music engraving rules.
  • Never any overlapping music symbols.
  • Excellent calculation of rhythms-- note locations (attacks) and note durations. The calculations are far more sophisticated and accurate than the quantization offered by most music software.
  • Excellent calculation of note accidentals. The transcription analyzes harmonies to determine, for example, whether the note should be displayed as F# or Gb.
  • Automatic determination of split voices in a single staff, where notes in the upper voice have upward stems, and notes in the lower voice have downward stems.
  • An option to split a single piano staff into right- and left-hand staves. The calculation is far more sophisticated and accurate than a "split at pitch" such as middle C. Instead, the calculation is based on an analysis of the positions of both the right and left hands, stretches of the fingers, and finger motion.
  • A piano reduction option that collapses multiple parts, such as for a string quarter, into a two-hand piano part.
  • An option to determine and display chord names (eg, C7, Gm9) based on a harmony analysis of the notes. This is the best chord analysis of any music software.

Try out a the free, fully functional, 30-day trial version of Notation Composer or Musician, and see for yourself.

You can download the 30-day trial version by clicking the "Free Trial" button on the right side of this page.


Create and edit sheet music with your keyboard, mouse, or MIDI instrument.
$87.99 USD

Convert MIDI files into sheet music you can see, hear, and play along with.
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