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Customize Your Own Piano Sheet Music

"It's absolutely magic to see the notation go on the screen and to be able to print out the parts." - Viv Rendall (read more)

After you download and install the Notation Musician software, use its built-in internet browser to download the music file (MIDI) for a piece you want to learn (or use your favorite browser and search engine, using the song title plus "MIDI" to search.).

See how Notation Musician initially displays the notes and lyrics for a "Happy Birthday" song, which that you can download here: HappyBirthday.mid.

Watching the notes as they play is a great way to start learning a piece. Your ears and eyes work together to understand the notes, and then your fingers can learn the notes much easier.

To "sight read" music is to "play by ear" with the aid of your eyes.

After you have opened the MIDI song file, you can then customize the sheet music according to your playing skills and tastes.

For easiest playing, use the Prepare 'Easy Notes' Part command. It automatically creates sheet music which looks like this:

If you want to "fancy up" the arrangement of Happy Birthday to suit your musical tastes or more advanced playing ability, then you can change and add notes with Notation Composer. The following example was quickly prepared using Notation Composer.

With Notation Musician, you can add annotations such as the slurs and dynamic marks in the above example.

Notation Composer additionally allows you to change how the song sounds and arrange the notes exactly as you want them.


Create and edit sheet music with your keyboard, mouse, or MIDI instrument.
$98.99 USD

Convert MIDI files into sheet music you can see, hear, and play along with.
$59.99 USD