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Printing Sheet Music from MIDI Files

"When I hit on Notation, it always transcribed the music more faithfully than any other program I've used." - Rick Curtiss (read more)

Instead of buying sheet music for a non-copyrighted song or composition, let Notation Musician or Notation Composer help you find a MIDI file on the Internet, and then use it to quickly and accurately convert it to sheet music that you can print.

How you can print sheet music from MIDI files

  1. Find the song you want - Musician's built-in browser helps you search for a MIDI file for the music you want (or use your favorite browser and search engine, using the song title plus "MIDI" to search.).
  2. Open the file - When you click the name of a MIDI file (or its zip file) on a web page, Notation automatically downloads (and unzips) it, and quickly converts the MIDI file into music notation displayed on the screen.

  3. For vocal music, Musician accurately aligns lyrics with the melody part. You can print the lyrics in a larger point size for easy sight-reading.
  4. For piano music, if the MIDI file uses one track for the piano, Musician's Split Hands command intelligently splits notes between right- and left-hand staves. If Musician makes any mistakes, you can quickly move notes between the two staves.
  5. For guitar, autoharp, and piano "fake book" music with chord names, Musician analyzes the harmony of the music and displays chord names, such as C7 and Gm9. You can specify the types of chords Musician will recognize according to musical style (for example, jazz, rock, country, or church). Also, with a single command Musician will automatically create a fake book lead sheet with lyrics, melody and chord names.
  6. For wind and brass music, Musician transposes parts according to the key of the instrument. In conductor's scores, you can choose to print each part in the instrument's transposed key, or alternatively, in non-transposed concert pitch.
  7. For band and choir music, Musician lets you print entire conductor scores, or individual instrumental or vocal parts. When you edit any parts, they stay connected to the conductor's score, so you don't have to make the same changes to multiple parts - Musician does it for you!
  8. You can choose a large point size for the music font for easy reading of the printed music, or a small point size to include more measures per page. Musician efficiently packs the notation for minimum wasted space, yet does not overcrowd or overlap music symbols.
  9. Customers of Notation products consistently praise the high quality of its transcription. However, when Musician or Composer does not perfectly transcribe the MIDI file to notation, it enables you to easily correct the mistakes.


Create and edit sheet music with your keyboard, mouse, or MIDI instrument.
$98.99 USD

Convert MIDI files into sheet music you can see, hear, and play along with.
$59.99 USD